VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 1.4: Configure and Manage vRealize Operations for Horizon

Install and configure vRealize Operations for Horizon

To install vRealize Operations Manager first need to download OVF file from VMware website as well need to download zip file contains PAK and View Broker agent.
After deployment of OVF first need to perform initial setup.
In web browser type in IP address of you vRealize appliances which you assign during OVF file deployment.


vRealize postinstallation

Go to Administration > Solution and click green plus button. In new window click browse and select location with PAK file, click ok after selectin PAK file and Upload to upload file to vRealize Operation Manager. Click Next and accept terms of agreement, Next again to start PAK installation. After finished installation new solution will appear under Administration > Solutions.


Solution package selection


Uploading solution package


User Agreements



Configure license key and associate View objects

To configure license for View open Administration > Licensing, under License key you need to first add your license key for vRealize Operation for Horizon.
Click green plus button and in new window select product or solution choose VMware Horizon and enter your license key, click Validate and Save.
Go to License group to create association with View Objects. Select VMware Horizon Solution Licensing and click edit button, check vRealize Operation for Horizon license to create group and click Next. In Define membership criteria choose following criteria:

Host System > Relationship > descendant of > is > All Hosts
Virtual Machine > Relationship > descendant of > is > All Desktop VMs
Datastore > Relationship > descendant of > is > All Storage

Click Next and Finish

Choose Product Licensing to edit group membership and select below criteria

Host System > Relationship > descendant of > is not > All Hosts
Virtual Machine > Relationship > descendant of > is not > All Desktop VMs
Datastore > Relationship > descendant of > is not > All Storage


License manager


License group 


License group Settings


Conformation page

Create View adapter instance(s)

Open web browser with vRealize Operation Manger Administration > Solutions, select VMware Horizon solution and click Configure button to create instance of View Adapter.

Under Adapter Type select Horizon Adapter and provide necessary information:

Display Name, Description. Under Basic Settings type Adapter ID and credential to use later when setting up Connection Server Broker. Click Save and Close


Solution manager


Credential for View Broker


Horizon Adapter settings

Install and configure the vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent

Login to Connection Server and copy View Broker Agent installation to local drive, start Broker installation by double clicking exe file.

Click Next, check the agreement box and Launch the VMware vRealize Operation View Broker Agent configuration utility after installation.


Broker installation file


Broker Installation


License Agreement


Installation confirmation



After installation finished Broker Agent Config Utility for Horizon will open.

Before you continue with configuration first need to change vRealize firewall setting, to do that open console and login as a Root user. (There is no password on first time login and need to be setup)

Run below commands to modify firewall:

Sudo vi /opt/vmware/etc/vmware-vcops-firewall.conf

Add extra line under v4V Adapter specific ports:


Save and close Vi editor and restart firewall service.

                 /etc/init.d/vmware-vcops-firewall restart


vRealize firewall ports

Continue with Broker agent config:

Type IP or FQND of vRealize operation Manger as well port (default 3091) Type Pairing key which you created when setting up Instance of View Adapter click Pair and next


vRealize information

Type User name and password for View Connection server administrator click Test and next


vCenter Settings

Type Event DB username and password, specify Desktop poll to include or exclude from monitoring (optional) click Next


DB settings

Modify Intervals and Timeouts click Next



Configure Logging parameters click Next


Logging level

Start Agent Service click Next and Finish


Agent status

Add/Remove desktop pools from the scope of monitored objects

Modify the Broker Agent Service logging level according to a deployment plan

Edit/Modify View events database credential settings

To add or remove desktop pools from monitoring, modify logging level or to update Event DB credentials login to Connection server and start Broker Agent configuration utility navigate through all setting until setting you want to change, after completing changes go to finish page to save new settings.


Log level

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