VCAP6-DTM Deployment exam experience

Well today I sit to VCAP-DTM exam and I like to share my experience.

In my opinion VCAP6 exam is much better experience than VCAP5. New exam it looks exactly same as VMware HOL. The interface looks same, question are organized on the right  side of the screen and can me hidden on the side and easily bring back when needed. My small advice about questions window if you choose to make it floating better know how to make it Dock back, I end up with moving it around because I forget how to put it back. The two arrow look like buttons on the top are to dock to right or left. Fonts can be resize which in my opinion is better than scrolling up and down. The Interface and respond is so much faster than VCAP5.5, there is no lagging in between switching from window to window. Only one thing need to remember BACKSPACE key is not working which is I think good because you can be sure you don’t reload your exam window by mistake, but sometimes irritating when you type something and you need to select and press Del to remove.

The Desktop and shortcut are all organize very well, can easily find all necessary things like web browser or Mirage console. VMware as well prepare nice interface for Remote Desktop Manager where you can find all necessary RDP connection to servers or desktops without need to type username and password which can save some time. Browser have all the links in Favorite Bar.

Well about TIME at this moment there is no extra 30 minute extension for Non-Native English speaker at No-Native English country which is a bit bummer. There is 39 question to fit in to 3 hours period, which is actually quite hard. I sit to this exam with tactic that I will do first question which I can do with no stress marking on my pice of writing board which question I skipped for easy to remember where to go back. This help to be bit more organize. Some question take time to complete so better not to wait nor task inside question to finish, mark this question on board and move on to next one just not to far, this can save time.

The Exam blue print which can be found on VMware Certification website here or copy of it at my blog here, I think is well organized and following it for the exam preparation will help a lot. Of course best if you can have lots of hands on experience which help a lot as well to know where to go which tab or location to perform this or that task.

To summarize I’m actually very pleased with the exam experience, well I didn’t pass this time by small margin (this 30 extra minute and I will be safe) but any way I know what I missed know what to learn harder and practice more. Have time and determination to finish my Study Guide on my blog, schedule exam soon again because not sure why Singapore have only one Center where I can do VCAP6, so next available date is quit far a way.

UPDATE: 19/09/2016 I have passed VCAP6-DTM Exam. Awesome feeling. Need to finish this blog series next Design exam.


Please enjoy reading my (hope finished soon) VCAP6-DTM Study guide.


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