Objective 2.3 – Configure vSphere Resource Management to Support Horizon Desktop Pools

Create and configure vSphere Clusters
Manage vSphere HA and DRS settings
Create and modify vSphere DRS Rules
Create vSphere Resource Pools according to a deployment plan

Let’s start with creating new vSphere Cluster. First create DataCenter and next right-click DataCenter and choose New Cluster. Provide Cluster name, we can enable HA, DRS, EVC and vSAN when creating new cluster.


Create new Cluster

We can enable all above from within Cluster settings.



Enabling HA and DRS in vSphere Cluster

We have many setting which we can modify from within Cluster Setting.

Failure condition and VM respond allow to set how VM will behavior when Host or Datastore failure occurs.



Failure condition and VM response settings

Admission control.



Admission control settings

Datastore for Heartbeat setting


Datastore Heartbeat settings

And Advanced Options


HA Advanced Options

DRS have as well set of settings which we can modify depend of our deployment plan.

First we can modify DRS Automation Level, Migration Threshold


DRS Settings

Under DRS setting we can modify DPM settings to control Host Power management


DPM Settings

We can create schedule task to run for our DRS setting to be checked and applied if needed.


DRS scheduling


DRS schedule configuration




We can access New Resource Pool settling by right-click vSphere Cluster and choosing New Resource Pool. From here we can modify settings for CPU share and reservation and Memory Share and Reservation depending of our deployment plan.


New Resource Pool Settings

We can create and manage DRS rules.


DRS Rule settings

We need to create first VM/Host groups to be able to create VM affinity (or anti-affinity) relationship between a virtual machine DRS group with a host DRS group. Type Name specify Type of Group and click Add to add VM or Host (depend which group type chosen)


VM/Host Group

Create rule to Keep VM Together or Separate. We can specify as well to VM always run on selected host.


VM/ Hosts rule

We can override all or selected DRS rule by VM by modifying below option.


VM Overrides rule



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