VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 3.3 – Recompose/Refresh/Rebalance Desktop Pools

Based on a deployment plan, determine appropriate pool setting (Recompose/Refresh/Rebalance)
Recompose/Refresh/Rebalance a desktop pool
Schedule Recompose/Refresh/Rebalance operations

To recompose Desktop pool from View Admin Web navigate to Inventory > Catalog > Desktop Pools select pool which need to be recompose and click Edit… (we can as well double-click the pool to access settings)


Desktops pool list

From within Pool setting at Summary tab select View Composer > Recompose to access Recompose Wizard


Selecting Recompose operation

To be able to perform recompose we need new snapshot with applied changes to Golden Image (new common application, Windows Patches etc.). We can select old snapshot as well in case we want recompose because of any problem with new state of pool. The snapshot must be taken while the machine is in power off state otherwise snapshot will be not display below. Select correct snap and click Next.


Select new/old snapshot to be use

Select when we want to start recompose operation, we can schedule it at different day or time. Select if we want to Force users to log off with this option users will be prompt to save all work and log off, log  off time set in Global Settings. Wait for users to log off recompose task only when user log off from desktop. Click Next.


Schedule options

At Ready to complete click Finish


A machine refresh operation restores the operating system disk of each linked clone to its original state and size, reducing storage costs. To start Refresh operation from Pool Summary tab click View Composer > Refresh. The only setting we are present with is Scheduling. When select appropriate setting click Next and Finish.


Refresh operation

Rebalance can be use to evenly redistribute linked-clone VM among datastores. We can use Rebalance as well to migrate VM to another Datastore. As previously from Summary tab click View Composer > Rebalance. Click Next.


Rebalance task

Again at scheduling select when and what to do with existing users sessions. Click Next and Finnish


Rebalance operation

Global Setting where we can change Default log off time and Warning message.

global sett.jpg

Global Setting – Warning message and log off time

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