VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 3.5 – Entitle Desktop Pools Based on Requirements

Analyze and entitle desktop/application pools according to a deployment plan
Add/Remove entitlements to a desktop pool
Add/Remove users or groups to a global entitlement

When creating Desktop/Application Pools we need to entitlement user, only after that Users will be able to access Pools from View Clients.

Application Pool. We can access entitlement setting from View Admin Web Console > Inventory > Catalog > Application Pools select any application we want to add users to and from Entitlements choose Add entitlement.. (Most of action can be performed by right-click on Desktop/Application Pool and selecting required action from contents menu).


Application Pool

Another way is to access Application Pool setting and open Entitlements tab and choosing Add entitlement..


Application entitlements

From Find User or Group window select Domain and type User name to find. Click Find button, list of users matching search criteria will be display, select User to add and click OK


Finding User or Group

To remove user from entitlement select user add click Remove entitlement and click OK to confirm.


Removing Entitlements

Desktop Pools entitlement management is very similar. From View Admin > Inventory > Catalog > Desktop Pools select pool to add or remove entitlement.


Desktop Pool entitlement

From Entitlement tab we can add or remove Users or Groups.


Pool information with entitlement

Search for User or Group.


Adding User or Group to entitlement

We can manage Global Entitlement if our deployment plan include Pod Federation. From View Admin Console > Inventory > Catalog > Global Entitlement click Add.. to open Wizard


Global Entitlements

We can select if we setting up Desktop or Application Entitlement. There is different only on one screen Name and Policies between Desktop and Application setting. Choose Desktop Entitlement and click Next


Desktop or Application Entitlement

Desktop – Type Name and select desire Policies to be applied to this Entitlement. Extra setting for Global Entitlement which is Scope which specifies where to look for desktop for the User. Click Next when set all necessary setting


Name and Policies for Desktop Entitlement

Application – Set all required setting for Application Entitlement and click Next.


Application entitlement

Add user or group to allow access to..


Adding user

On Ready to Complete click Finish.


Ready to complete


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