VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 3.4 – Modify/Reconfigure Desktop Pools

Modify settings for an existing desktop pool
Add machines to an existing desktop pool
Change the size of an automated pool

We can modify many subject of Desktop Pools setting. Accessing View Web Admin Console open Inventory > Catalog > Desktop Pools select pool which we want to modify and click Edit… (we can as well double-click or use right-click content menu)

Desktop Summary allows us to access Edit menu, to delete Desktop Pool, to modify Entitlements, to check or change Status and to perform View Composer Operations.


Inventory tab allow to see what machines are in the pool, Machine View Composer details of which Snapshot are the machine using and when was performed for last recomposed task. We can see any pending tasks, Which user is connected and on which Datastore is located.


Inventory Tab

At sessions tab we can see any existing session to VDI, we can disconnect, log off user from VM. We can reset VM and as well send a message to the user.


Sessions details

Entitlement tab we can manage – Add or Remove – user and group entitlements.


Entitlements details

Tasks tab we can see any pending, running or scheduled tasks. We can see if there are any errors and how many machine remaining for the task.


Task details

Events tab allows to check any events related to this specific Desktop Pool.

Policies display Policies which are set at Global level and Policy set at Desktop Pool level. Clicking Edit Policies… we can select which policies we want to change at Desktop Pool level


Policies details


Desktop Pool Policy

We can modify setting most of the setting which we set while creating pool. From Inventory > Catalog > Desktop Pools  we choose pool we want to modify and click Edit.. or double-click the pool name.

General setting we can change Display name description and access group. We can change setting about where is replica store, checking the Select separate datastores for replica and OS disks  we need to add storage location from vCenter Settings.


General settings

Desktop Pools, we can change General, Remote Settings, Remote Display Protocol, Flash and Mirage Settings. For example if your design change and we want to modify whats happen with VM after user log off we can change this here under Remote Settings  > Delete or refresh machine on log off



Desktop Pool Settings

Provisioning Setting we can change Basic, Virtual Machine Naming pattern, Desktop Pool sizing and Provisioning timing. We will come to here to change how many machine are inside pool, how many machine stay in power on state, and how many machine is ready to use during View Composer tasks. We can change here as well if machine are provision up-front or on demand.


Provisioning settings

vCenter Setting here we can modify which Parent VM and which snapshot we want to use for this desktop pool. We can add extra datastore, and if we change setting to keep replica separately we will be able to add replica datastore here.


vCenter settings

Guest customization, we can change here settings for Domain to which we want desktop will be joined to, as well as AD OU location where Desktop will be created. Allow reuse of pre-existing computer accounts – when VM is recreated and there is already exited name it will be reused. We cannot change QuickPrep to Sysprep, but we can select another Customization specification.


Guest Customization

At Advance Storage we can modify to use or not to use View Storage Accelerator and how often we want to regenerate disks. Here we set Blackout times in which regenerating of disk will be not performed.


Advance Storage

To add new VM machine to existing Desktop Pool double-click the Pool name from Inventory > Catalog > Desktop Pools.

At Inventory tab click Add…


Inventory Tab

Select VM machine name from list and click Add and OK to finish adding VM to Pool.


Add wizard

To change how many Desktops are inside Automated Pool we need to access Edit Setting for that pool and change the Max number of machines and click OK. After that View Composer will provision extra VM for that pool.


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