VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 4.2: Configure a Kiosk Endpoint

Prepare Active Directory for kiosk clients

Best practice is to create separate OU for Desktop to use with clients in Kiosk mode. I believe creating AD object is out of exam scope so I will skip this here. We need to create OU and Kiosk AD group. Next we need to run vdmadmin command at one of Connection servers which kiosk client will use to connect to remote desktops. Below example command for my lab.

vdmadmin -Q -clientauth -setdefaults -ou “OU=KioskClients,OU=Tokyo,dc=tky,dc=exam, dc=local” -noexpirepassword -group KioskGroup

Add kiosk accounts to a View Connection Server

To add Client to View Connection server we will again use vdmadmin command. We need collect MAC addresses of the clients. When added, View will create user accounts in AD.

Run command example :

vdmadmin -Q -clientauth -add -domain DomainName -clientid a1:a2:34:34:12:12 -group KioskGroup

After this command finish we should be able to find Client name inside Kiosk OU created before. View will append cm- to the name.

Next we need to enable authentication for the client. Again we will use vdmadmin command.

vdmadmin -Q -enable -s ConnectionSvr

This command will enable authentication on ConnectionSvr 

We can use vdmadmin to display information about client’s

vdmadmin -Q -clientauth -list

Now we can install View Client at the endpoints using command.

vmware-view.exe -unattended -serverURL ConnectionSvr.doamin

Configure a desktop pool for kiosk desktops

Configuring a Desktop Pool for use with kiosk client we can consider some setting to be included like, we can use local ESXi storage to save on hardware cost and fast virtual machine provisioning. Create desktop pool with setting to refresh VM frequently or when user log off.



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