VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 6.2 – Integrate Desktop and Application Resources with VMware Identity Manager

Integrate with Horizon View Connection Server(s)

To integrate Horizon View with Identity Manager from the Local Admin page Catalog click Manage Desktop Application and choose  View Application. Check the Enable View Pools box and provide required information about Connection Server.


Adding View Pools


Enable Pool


View Connection information

We can select what kind of Deployment Type we want to use and how often to  sync on what time.


View Pool deployment and sync

Create / Configure Identity Manager resource types according to a deployment plan
View desktop pools \ View hosted applications

After adding View Connection server to Identity Manager we will be able to see any Desktop Pools and Application Pools created in View Horizon Admin.


View Desktop Pools


View Hosted Applications

Web applications

From the cloud application catalog – Popular enterprise Web application types are listed in the cloud application catalog. These applications are partially configured. You must complete the rest of the application record form.

Create a new one – You can add Web applications to your catalog that are not listed in the cloud application catalog. The application record for these Web applications are more generic than that of cloud application catalog applications. You enter the application description and configuration information to create the application record.

Import a ZIP or JAR file – You can import a Web application that you previously configured in the service. You might want to use this method to move a deployment from staging to production. In such a situation, you export a Web application from the staging deployment as a ZIP file. You then import the ZIP file to the production deployment

ThinApp packages

To incorporate ThinApp Application with Identity Manager  we need to select Manage With WorkSpace while creating packages or run relink -h to enable packages for Identity Manager. We need to configure appropriate file server share to store application packages. Next from Identity Manager click Manage Desktop Application > ThinApp application


ThinApp Application setup

Check the Enable Packaged application


Enable ThinApp

Specify File Share UNC path to location where ThinApp packages are stored and select frequency to check for new applications. Click Save and Sync now


Packages location and sync frequency

After synchronization we will be able to see any ThinApp application and be able to do entitlements.


New ThinApp application


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