PowerShell User Group Yangon (Myanmar)

PowerShell User Group Yangon (Myanmar)

Last Saturday 26/11/16 we had first time ever meetup for Yangon PowerShell User Group and I hope this is just begin.

Somewhere around September (or maybe early) I had a talk with my friend Zaw from Yangon, we know each other because we are working in same company only different countries. As for myself, I’m already involved in PowerShell User Group in Singapore, that’s why I decide to help Zaw and created PowerShell User Group Yangon. So like I was saying, after discussion with Zaw we both agree to try. Organization task was quite easy, create Group on Meetup.com (Yangon-PowerShell-Groupand start promoting.

The Day came and I was in Yangon meeting Zaw and waiting for people to show up. Well they did we had total 8 people joining which I still think was success. After small introduction from myself and everyone else, I started my session about PowerShell. It was my very first time when I was “teaching” about PowerShell. It was very good expirence sharing about PowerShell how to use it and how it can help to make use better more effective administrators.

Till next time Yangon friends. Hope next time more new joiners.


Powershell Session Yangon


PowerShell session Yangon

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