VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 8.2 – Troubleshoot Performance Issues in Horizon Components

Troubleshoot Performance Issues in Horizon Components

Use esxtop to identify performance bottlenecks

We have to SSH to ESXi server to run esxtop command. First we need to enable SSH service which is disabled by default. After that we can SSH to server and login as root user. There is already many blogs written about how to use esxtop command, just listed two below:

ESXTOP by Duncan Epping

Interpreting esxtop Statistics VMware Technology Network

Use PerfMon to analyze desktop workloads

With VMware View 5 we are able to use custom Perfmon Counters to monitor PCoIP statistics. View agent install them during installation process. Open Prefmon in evaluated mode and select Performance Monitor, click green Plus button to add new counters. From available counters scroll up to find PCoIP counters as below picture showing


PCoIP available counters

Select and expand counter which we want to use, selecting one and clicking Add >> will add them to list on the right, click OK to start collecting statistics.


Adding counters

From within Performance Monitor properties we can see what counters are added and change the color if needed.


Performance settings

Use PCoIP Statistics Viewer to troubleshoot desktop sessions

Teradici provide PCoIP Statistics Viewer can be use to collect and display session statistics. We can monitor multiple VM’s in real-time or upload data from PCoIP session server logs.  After downloading the exe file from Teradici website here, we can start it on any Desktop with installed View Agent. Under Connections choose Add VM and specify desktop name.


PCoIP Session Statistics


Specify VM name


Bytes Received statistics


Different types of statistics

Monitor Horizon View Connection Server performance locally/remotely

We can monitor View Horizon Components from within View Admin Console under Inventory > Dashboard. We can see here what is health status for our Connection Server, Event DB, View Composer Server etc. Expanding Connection Servers and clicking one of the servers will display what kind of issues we are facing. Green means all is ok, red means there is error and yellow means warning. From within Connection server we can use Task Manager or perfmon.


View Admin Dashboard

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