VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 5.3 – Restore a VMware Mirage Endpoint

Restore a VMware Mirage Endpoint

Restore an endpoint after an application failure

After assigning App layer to the user machine we can restore this application in case of any frailer. We can do this by Enforcing All Layers assign to user machine. From Mirage Server Console expand Inventory and under All CVDs select desktop which having application issues, right-click and choose Enforce All Layers.


Enforce all layers

We will be ask to choose one of following methods, to Preserve user application or to remove user application. Click Next and Finish to start the task.


Choose one of following methods


initializing Layer Update

We will be asked to reboot machine to finalize, after reboot user should be able to use application


Reboot prompt

Restore an endpoint after a hardware failure

We can restore user machine after hardware failure beyond repair. After new machine has been prepare and Mirage Agent was installed, from under Inventory > Pending Devices right-click Machine which we want to use as new and choose Wizards > Disaster Recovery. We can select to Replace the User Machine and click Ok


Disaster Recovery

The Machine which we want to restore select CVD from list.


CVD to restore

We will be asked what kind of Restore we want to perform.


Restore option

Next we can choose which base layer we want to assign.


Base layer

We can specify options for CVD naming, to leave existing name or rename.


Naming Option


Summary page

After conforming to proceed on summary page we can monitor progress from Mirage Agent status. After the restore completes we will be asked to restart the machine.


Restore an endpoint after data loss

User can restore any file on Machine which is protect with View Mirage. After installing Mirage Agent new content menu items are added to Windows Explorer. From location where files or folder has been accidentally removed or damage, right-click and choose VMware Mirage Restore.


VMware Mirage content menu items

Click Restore to specify location where to restore files, we select same location.


Restore ready


Restore location


Restore progress

Mirage will help to download deleted files from backup files located in Mirage server.


Successfully operation

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