2016 Summary, 2017 ??

2016 Summary, 2017 ??

Well, you never know when is good time to write year summary. As we are entering the second week of 2017, I suppose it is not a bad time to write.

2016 Personal life it was a big challenge for me and my wife, but we went through and hope 2017 will be much better.

2016 Professional life it was great actually, I have the opportunity to be part of some awesome community projects and be able to work and meet great people from IT community.

I joined two Singapore community almost around same time which was late 2015, Singapore PowerShell User Group and Singapore VMug Community steering group. 2016 has brought lots of work for both of this group.

March 2016 VMug UserCON Singapore, it was my first time event where I have to be on the other side, not as participant but organiser/volunteer. And it was a great experience, but still, as a new joiner not many things to do but many things to learn. As someone who is involved in this kind of event you sure can meet with many great speakers and community members.

April 2016 VMug User Group meeting and it was my very first time to speak publicly. What a scary experience, I was shaking and my voice breaking, I forgot all my slides content but I did it anyway. Now I know that speaking publicly it is a difficult job and not everyone can just do it, for me I need to have more practice and maybe some guidance. Singapore VMug leaders offer great help with that, thank you guys!

October 2016 I have become Singapore VMug Leader. And in November we have helped with VMug part of vForum Singapore.

Powershell group – I start monthly meetup from May 2016 and we have good community respond here in Singapore. As well we manage to organize meetup with speakers from Chef – Thanks Trevor.

October 2016 – PSConf Asia! So far its my biggest venue as organizer. I was helping Matt, Milton, Ben and Ravi, we manage to set up this event and every one love it. It took a lot of time for us to come up with new ideas and put those to live. We manage to invite many great speakers from Microsoft, Sapien, AWS, Chef, Docker, Puppet Community. You can read all about it here PSConf.Asia Lots lots of work but I love it every moment of it, learnt many things we can use for our upcoming PSConf Asia 2017

My, I would say ‘personal project 2016’ was to create another PowerShell User Groups in APAC region. In November, together with Zaw we created Yangon PowerShell User Group and 26th November we had first meet up. I think the session went quite ok, I was talking about PowerShell basics and one of the new member presented his PowerShell introduction session. 2017 More to come!

More IT Pro, 2016 I have manage to upgrade my VCP to VCP6 and as well achieve VCAP certification. That is 2 VCP – VCP6-DCV and VCP6-DTM. 2 VCAP – VCAP5 – DTA and VCAP6 -DTM.

What 2017 will bring for me? Well my PowerShell User Group project in APAC will continue creating with John, Manila PowerShell User Group. First meetup tentatively in late February.  Stay tune and check here! Twitter account will be coming soon. Yangon PowerShell User Group second meet up 4th February schedule here and follow here. Monthly Singapore PowerShell User Group meetup schedule can be found here and you can follow us here. And don’t forget about PSConf Asia 2017 which I hope will be bigger success than last year. Singapore VMug users meetings will be available as well, you can join us here Singapore VMug and follow us here

IT Pro – achieve VCIX certification by passing VCAP Design exam, long way to go but hope to do it by this year with help of VMware Study group I’m helping to set up with friends from VMware.

Wish Great 2017 year to everyone!!!

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