Second PowerShell User Group meeting Yangon (Myanmar)

Second PowerShell User Group meeting Yangon (Myanmar)

Last saturday (4 February) we had our second PowerShell meeting in Yangon. It just few people attended we still have great time. Most of our attendees were new to our group and as well to PowerShell.

I’m very happy that my friend Zaw had decide give his first ever presentation, well done!

This time around we had bit smaller attendance but the involvement of group was great. I did my “PowerShell how to start” presentation, as most of the attendees came first time and have not used PowerShell before. At the end of session we have some small price to win, Learn Powershell in month of lunches by Don Jones and Jeff Hicks.

It is good to see new faces. hope to see you again.


Zaw presentation


My session


Powershell book winner


Group picture




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