Veeam Backup Job creation with PowerShell

Veeam Backup Job creation with PowerShell

This is part 2 of Veeam Backup with PowerShell series. Today we will create first Veeam Backup Job.

First we need to connect to our Veeam Backup server by running Connect-VBRServer LABVeeam01.  Next we will create some variable to store information like VM we want backup and backup repository to store backup files.

$BackupRepo will hold Veeam Backup Repository, we can retrieve it by running Get-VBRBackupRepository this command will list all repository created on Veeam Server. We can use $BackupRepo[0] to retrieve first repository.


Creating variable with Repository information

$EntityToBackup will hold VM name which we want backup. Find-VBRViEntity will list out all VM and Templates which can be found under vCenter server. I will be backing up Windows 7 Golden Image with name WinICloneGI.


Creating variable with VM backup

Now we can create new Backup job by using command Add-VBRViBackupJob and specify parameters like name, description, repository and entity.


Creating new Backup job


Retrieving backup information


Set of parameters for backup job

After creating a job we need to schedule job frequency. We can do this by running Set-VBRJobSchedule with parameters to specify when and how often the job will run.



Setting up schedule


Job schedule parameters

Next we need to start this job manually, run Start-VBRJob


Starting backup job


Thanks for reading.