PowerShell module TabExtensionPlusPlus help with AD tasks

PowerShell module TabExtensionPlusPlus help with AD tasks

A long time ago I have created a blog post about how to use TabExpensionPlusPlus to help find what account are lockout state in Active Directory, you can check here.

As I do work very often with Active Directory to query for users and groups, I decide use TabExpensionPlusPlus to help me minimize taping and remembering how to spell names. Using TabExpension PowerShell module we can create custom Argument completer for selected PowerShell commands. In my case I will work with Get-, Set-ADUser and Get-, Set-ADGroup all this commands using common parameter name which is Identity, of course with different type of information, User for ADUser and Group for ADGroup.

Without PowerShell searching for User Account or AD Group is always long process when using GUI. Using TabExpensionPlusPlus PowerShell module we can speed up this tasks to seconds.

This simple script block will run when using Get- , Set-ADUser and populate users name list when specifying Identity parameters. Taping letters of user name will list out only this names which contain this letters, for example “tia” will display Sebastian as this name contain “tia”, pressing TAB will rotate through all possible names containing “tia”. To force list out name press CTRL + Space to show list of names.

Get-ADUser completion script



Same as ADUser, below script block will collect info about all ADGroups and display list of them when using Get, Set-ADGroup, we can use same when using Get-ADGroupMember with parameter Identity


AD Group tab completion



I found TabExtensionPlusPlus very helpful, more tips to come.

Thank you.

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