More fun with PowerShell module TabExpensionPlusPlus

More fun with PowerShell module TabExpensionPlusPlus

Last time I create blog entry about TabExpension for ADUsers and ADGroup and Unlock AD User

This time I have created tab completion for Events InstanceID tab completion. Doing some research on Internet I found excel file with list of Events from Server 2008 together with message and category. After small modification and save as CSV file I able to import to PowerShell as object. From here is easy, write new Script block to read the file, apply foreach method to get single object ad fit it in to Get-EventLog command.


Event InstanceID tab completion


Tab Completion code

When running Get-EventLog and specify InstanceID we will get a list of Events ID, selecting one of them will display message about the Event.

You can download CSV file from GitHub

Thank you reading