VMware vRealize Network Insight initial setup problem

VMware vRealize Network Insight initial setup problem

Last week I was preparing POC vRealize Network Insight for my customer and I hit one problem which cause the problem with initial setup.

When deploying vRNI from OVA file to ESXi host we are asked to provide some information before we can deploy our appliance, in case of vRNI one of information apart of network (IP, gateway, netmask, dns) we need to specify NTP server address. Failing to provide valid one cause that I couldn’t access initial setup page when going to vRNI page using IP or FQDN . At begin I was present with login screen to enter user name and password which can be only set at initial setup page. After while page just refuse to connect.

First I try use IP address.


IP address page refuse to connect

Same with FQDN


FQDN page refuse to connect

After opening vRealize Console we are present with attention message that NTP Service is not healthy and that can affect other services.


vRealize Network Insight console

Use consoleuser username login and default password ark1nc0ns0l3 which can be found in vRNI documentation


vRNI console login as consoleuser

Tapping ntp -h  will  list out command which we can use to correct ntp service information


ntp help option

ntp set –ip-fqdn by running this command we are able to set correct information about ntp server from our network.


ntp command to set correct NTP server

After running above command we can access initial installation page for vRealize Network Insight where as first step we are asked for license and next to set admin password.


vRNI initial setup page

Thank you for reading.