vRealize Operation Manager Broker Agent pairing problem

vRealize Operation Manager Broker Agent pairing problem

Recently I was helping with setting up vRealize Operation Manager for Horizon and there were few strange behaviors I thought are worth to share about it.

First, when using vRealize Broker agent installation version 6.0 in the environment with an external firewall in place we need to make sure ports 3091, 3094 are open. If port 3094 is not open there will be error message informing that “Pairing certificates FAILED”.

Pairing certificates Failed error message
After enabling port 3094, pairing certificates succeeded

It is actually a different port if you will be using vRealize Broker Agent 6.6.0, in this scenario the required port is 3100. Again if this port is closed we will receive a similar message about pairing certificates failed.

But most strange behavior was with the pairing key which needs to be set at the vRealize Operation Manager under Administration > Solutions > VMware Horizon. When you configure the adapter and you set the pairing key, you cannot change it in case you forget it. You need to delete old adapter settings and setup new with a new pairing key, to be able to use it. There is no error message which informed what is the problem so we cannot confirm that the pairing key is incorrect.

Hope this will help if you hit similar problems.