VCAP6-DTM Deployment Objective 6.3 – Integrate ThinApp Package Services with VMware Identity Manager

Integrate ThinApp Package Services with VMware Identity Manager

Configure the ThinApp Sync to bring in the ThinApp packages

After enabling ThinApp application integration we can schedule how often we want to sync ThinApp repository with Identity Manager. To do this from Identity Manager click Catalog > Manage Desktop application. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 19.58.52.png

ThinApp Application management

In new open window we can modify frequency and time when synchronization will happen. Depending on our requirements we can choose –  Once per Week – Once per Day – Every Hour – Manually. As well we can specify time and day if we choose to sync on weekly or daily basis.


ThinApp Sync settings

Assign ThinApp packages to a user/group

From Application Catalog click ThinApp application to assign user or group. Click the Entitlements under application info and click Add group or Add user. Choosing Browse will list all groups/user which are available select one to add and choose deployment type – User Activated or Automatic click Save.


ThinApp entitlements


Group selection


User selection

Configure file shares and permissions

The ThinApp packages must reside on a network share  ThinApp package repository. The network share must be accessible using a Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) path from each system running the VMware Identity Manager Desktop application used to access the ThinApp packages. For example, a share named ThinAppRepo on a host named server is accessible using the UNC path \\server\appshare. The fully qualified hostname of the network share folder must be resolvable from VMware Identity Manager.

Install components needed for ThinApp integration

We need to have installed VMware Identity Manager Desktop Client for Windows. Login to Identity Manager website with user account and choose Download.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 22.45.00.png

User portal

Clicking Download button we will be redirected to My VMware portal where we can download installation file.


Desktop Client download

We need administrative right to install Desktop client. Installation is very straight forward.


Welcome screen


Accept License agreement


Default settings


Ready to install

After installation there will be new icon in action menu at task bar. Right click and choose Connect to server type Identity Manager server FQND and click ok to connect. We will be ask to choose domain or Local User and specify user name and password.


Identity Manager server address


Select domain to login


User Name and Password

After succesful log in we can open Identity Web Portal and we can see all application which we are entitlement to use. First time opening ThinApp application we will see information that Identity Manager Desktop must be installed, click Open App to start application.


Information window


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